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What do you do when your Calling finds you? I silenced the noise and answered the call.  Stepping into my artistry, I've found Purpose and I am fueled by my Passion.  My heart pumps to a different beat.  That is because...


my Art is my heART. 


Photo: Anthony Lewis


Tasha's love for using analogies to convey messages is evident in her work.  Unlike similes, her works go beyond the words like and as.  They are metaphors that give voice to the silent and reveal hard truths.  She transforms items that are familiar and nostalgic and then completely transcends the meaning.  Driven by conceptual ideas through the use of mixed media, Tasha gives birth to art that challenges the audience to grapple with the ideals of tradition and conventional ways of thinking.  Interactive components have been used to integrate her audience into some of the works either during the process or as an integral part to bringing the piece(s) to life.  Women empowerment was the initial focal point, yet her work has quickly evolved to address the additional issues of social injustice, activism, racism and those that overall speak to the Black experience.  Tasha continues to create provocative works that will elicit authentic, raw and at times, uncomfortable feelings.  The aim is to use those feelings to spark open and honest conversations that will lead to change and furthermore, REFORM.  

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"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

Mark Twain



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